Join student media at Virginia Tech

Bugle yearbook

Staff Writer
The role of staff writer is to assist in the copy writing and production of the book in the form of written stories and captions. Creative insight and input into how to best capture the year in written form is necessary as well as the ability to verbally communicate in a group setting Necessary skills: ability to work as an integrated part of a team; writing experience; ability to write copy at a level of quality able to be run in a legitimate publication; ability to discern details; initiative and drive; a brief portfolio of writings that characterize your talent and potential. This is a volunteer position.

Yearbook Photographer
The Virginia Tech yearbook is all about capturing moments in Hokie history. Our photographers write memories in light; memories that will be preserved forever. Share your creative vision with the Hokie community in a special way.

College Media Solutions Advertising

Account Executives / Inside Sales Associates
College Media Solutions is seeking ambitious, goal-oriented students with an interest in marketing local businesses. By selling advertising and underwriting for Virginia Tech’s student media outlets, Account Executives are trained and gain meaningful experiences in multifaceted sales. This position involves both face-to-face client meetings and cold calls. Great earning potential with PAID COMMISSION on sales!
   Alumni from the business sides of the Bugle Yearbook, Collegiate Times, WUVT 90.7 FM, the Silhouette Literary Arts Magazine and VTTV have launched successful careers because of their student media experience. CMS is conveniently located in Squires Student Center and is flexible around student schedules.

Collegiate Times newspaper

Staff Writer
The Collegiate Times' reporters handles reporting assignments in the following manner. Each section - features, news, and sports - has a set number of reporter positions. These paid positions are eligible for work study and require reporters to follow a "beat," a certain topical area of investigation such as Blacksburg and local politics, music, or Virginia Tech football, and produce at least one story per week from this beat. They are required to write an additional story per week, which may or may not be from their beat assignment.
   Staff writers have similar responsibilities to reporters. Staff writers cover beats and are required to produce at least one story per week on the topic of their beat. They are free to take additional assignments beyond that point, however. Staff writers are unpaid positions. Work done as a staff writer is a significant factor in hiring decisions for reporting positions.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: providing quality visual images for Collegiate Times and Bugle publication; attending twice-weekly photo meetings as determined by the director of photography; shoot features, events or portraits as assigned by photo editors; shoot feature photos on independent assignments; provide captions for photo assignments. This is a volunteer position.

Silhouette literary and arts magazine

General Staff
The general staff aides magazine production by helping design layouts, critiquing magazine submissions, editing selected submissions for print, promoting the magazine via class visits and posting flyers, and assisting the editors with magazine-related tasks. This is a volunteer position.

Special Event Coordinator
The special events coordinator: coordinates all Silhouette related benefits and events, and works closely with the public relations director to ensure a desired level of advertisement for all special events. This is a volunteer position.

The webmaster position is responsible for maintaining Silhouette’s web content on a weekly basis, which includes updating an events page, updating the online magazine semesterly, and maintaining an online list of staff heads and contact information. This is a volunteer position.

VTTV student television

Entertainment Staff
Entertainment staff members will assist with the entertainment productions. They will work with the VTTV music producers and the VTTV movie producers on completing assignments and production. Specific duties will be determined by the entertainment director and producers. This is a volunteer position.

News Staff
News staff members assist with all news productions. They will work on news production assignments as determined by the news director and news producers. This is a volunteer position.

Promotions Staff
The promotions assistant: promotes VTTV events; reserves and designs display cases in Squires for upcoming VTTV shows; designs flyers/posters for the Collegiate Times for upcoming shows and events sponsored by VTTV; organizes the ordering and distribution of any VTTV promotional items; works closely with the promotions director to create a general awareness and positive public attitude toward VTTV on campus and in the surrounding area.

Sports Staff
Sports staff members will assist with sports productions, assignments, and events as determined by the sports director and assistant sports director. This is a volunteer position.

WUVT 90.7 FM independent radio

General Staff
WUVT is always looking for dedicated individuals to pitch in with station operations. Disc jockey positions begin training early in the fall semester and are open to anyone interested.